Areola Restoration

The Areola Restoration protocol is an advanced permanent makeup procedure that can correct the colour, size and shape of the nipple. This procedure is often considered the last step after breast related surgeries including, breast reduction, mastectomies, breast reconstruction, and breast implants. Such procedures often result in imperfections in the areola or a complete removal of the nipple.
For women who must endure breast surgeries such as mastectomies, or for those who may have fading or irregular shaped areolas, this permanent paramedical areola restoration procedure can be miraculous. Our permanent re-pigmentation of the areola employs cosmetic micro-pigmentation tattooing as a way to restore the natural beauty of your breasts so you can regain your sense of femininity and confidence.



• $500 +HST per nipple or 2 for $800 +HST.

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