Microblading – is it Right for You?


Microblading – is it Right for You?

The goal of this article is to give you some insight into how important each person’s individual skin type and sensitivity has to do with healed colour in the skin. By the end, you’ll know whether it’s the right choice for you or not.

First of all…
Yes it is beautiful, I love it.
But – it is not for everyone.

I have been doing permanent makeup for over 20 years in a well respected Plastic Surgeon’s clinic in Oakville, Ontario, with Dr. Stephen Brown and Dr. Roger Shortt. Over the span of my career, I’ve done over 15,000 procedures.

What major factors contribute to a successful outcome with Microblading?
Answer: I have found microblading works best on skin that has more melanin (depth of colour in your skin) – therefore the more sensitive, fair, vascular skin – the harder to hold colour.

So, let’s talk about microblading on fair skin vs. darker skin that has more melanin.
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Luscious Lips by Finesse

face2Just how great would it be if you could look your best all the time? If you could wake up to a beautiful day, look in the mirror and see a beautiful you, where you will effortlessly, simply look irresistible – every day of your life? To top it all off, you can have soft and plump, tempting, kissable lips that will enhance your face and would be more than perfect this coming Valentines Day, courtesy of Ann-Marie Furness.

Permanent makeup addresses several aesthetic concerns. It eliminates the worry of smudges during any activity, or the need of having to do some retouching during important events. It also saves you the time and effort of perfecting your makeup, whether it’s your eyebrows, eyes or lips.

What undeniably comes with age is that the lining of our lips can get less defined, lose color and plumpness. Then there appears those unwanted little lines. This results in an unattractive, aging appearance amidst the overall features of the face – no matter how beautiful and attractive everything else is. Ann-Marie Furness has made it possible to break free from this process in a natural way. The methods used are very reliable and safe because Ann-Marie uses only organic pigments. She has performed more than 12,000 procedures and counting, and is Health Canada approved. Her permanent makeup tatoos are able to accentuate your features, enhance your beauty and definitely make you look younger, in a non-surgical and safe way.
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There Are No Limits When Doing Eyebrows

eyebrows-techniqueHere are a list of questions a permanent makeup artist, like myself, will ask you when you’re going to get your eyebrows tattooed.

  • how thick do you want them?
  • what colour?
  • where you like the arch?
  • do you want a peaked, rounded or flat arch?
  • where you want them to start?
  • how close to the nose?
  • how far from the nose?
  • do you want the bulb lifted?
  • do you want a short or longer tail?
  • do you want to keep all your hair, or tweeze some hair?
  • do you want to change your natural shape?
  • do you want hair strokes?
  • do you want shading?
  • do you want feathering?
  • do you want micro-blading?
  • do you want a combination of shading and micro-blading, or shading and hair strokes …

The questions I can ask you go on and on! There are no boundaries with eyebrows.
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What’s New – and Scary in Permanent Makeup.

There’s something happening in the field of Permanent Makeup that you should be plenty afraid of.

What is it?

A lot of brand new technicians.

Why should you be extra cautious? Well, you may not be aware of this, but in Canada you do not have to have any certification or licensing to be able to do permanent makeup on someone. Some technician have had only a few days of training.

This is beyond scary.

Why? Well if something goes wrong, you don’t have any recourse. Since without regulations – who can you complain to? Unfortunately, there is NO LAW AGAINST BAD PERMANENT MAKEUP.
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Micro-blading Hair-strokes Technique for Eyebrows

Recently I took a trip to Florida to add to my credentials one of the hottest eyebrow tattooing techniques around. When I returned, I wasn’t just excited about what I learned – I was over-the-top ecstatic. Why? Because the technique was even better than I imagined it could be.

So what did I take? Here it is…

Micro-Blading Masters Eyebrow Class

  • American Academy of Micro-Pigmentation (AAM)
  • Completed  advanced eyebrow techniques, including Micro-Blading hair-strokes
  • Micro-Stroke eyebrows and Micro-Needling

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