Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Tattooing

For over 19 years, Ann-Marie Furness of Finesse Permanent Makeup has been offering her clients excellence in both artistry and clinical standards. Based in both Mississauga and Oakville, Ontario, she’s one of Canada’s most respected permanent makeup artists. There are no second chances with permanent eyebrow makeup, so you want to find the very best, most qualified eyebrow tattoo artist available and that’s Ann-Marie. She’s dedicated herself to staying on top of her craft and continues to update her amazing credentials. And best of all… she listens to what her clients want.


The Benefits of Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos

Permanent eyebrows, done with micro-pigmentation is one of the most popular enhancements done. The advantages of having this procedure include: help for those who suffer allergies to cosmetics, have trouble applying makeup, have sustained burns or scars, need to save time, wear contact lenses, lead an active life, and have a complete or partial loss of eyebrows caused by hypothyroidism, chemotherapy, alopecia or other conditions. Increase your confidence and wake up looking beautiful every day with eyebrows by Ann-Marie!

Micro-Blading: The Most Exciting Technique in Eyebrow Tattooing Today

The most soft and natural of permanent eyebrow makeup techniques, Micro-blading is becoming very popular. Ann-Marie’s been trained by the Masters and the end results for clients have been stunning. And she’s been getting rave reviews from clients. The results are beautiful hair stroke eyebrows that are finer and more defined than ever before. The process takes 1 hour and clients can come back in about 6 weeks for a follow up to lock in colour, if needed.

Classic Eyebrow Tattoo Methods

“Hair Stroke Method”, “Hand Method”, “Soft Tap”, and what some artists call “Feather Touch”, are pretty much the same procedure. When complete the eyebrow looks very soft and natural. Basically it’s done by hand and each hair stroke is placed individually. This mimics the appearance of natural hair in the brow. Ann-Marie likes to combine some shading with this technique to achieve more of a natural look. This method adds style and definition to sparse or half-formed eyebrows or no eyebrows at all.

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When properly defined, eyebrows can give the illusion of changing the entire facial shape. Eyebrows can reflect your personality – strong, soft or sexy. Call Ann-Marie today at 905-467-0767 or email here … and choose which technique is best for you.

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