Permanent Eyelash Enhancement Tattooing

Permanent Makeup Eyelash Enhancement is where the pigment is placed between the lashes.

Ann-Marie created this signature technique to naturally enhance the eyes. It makes them look bigger and well-defined.  This is one of her most popular permanent makeup procedures and Ann-Marie’s well-know for it. Paired with permanent eyeliner, you will wake up every morning with a soft, natural frame around your eyes. No more smudges, running mascara or wiggly eyeliner lines! You can always add more makeup for a more dramatic look. And remember – eyelash enhancement is not just for women – men love it too. Take a look at the video below.

Lash enhancement is done by tattooing soft shaded pigment between your natural eyelashes giving the appearance of fuller and denser eyelashes. The procedure is very natural and gender neutral and especially requested by clients with genetic Alopecia.

Benefits of Eyelash Enhancements

  • Great for those having trouble applying makeup
  • Allergy sufferers as related to cosmetics
  • Lead an active or athletic life
  • Save time in daily routines
  • Save money on cosmetics
  • Have vision problems that affect makeup application
  • Want lovely, thicker looking eyelashes 24/7

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Your eyes are the most expressive feature on your face… and permanent makeup eyelashes will beautifully enhance the “windows to your soul”. To learn more about the eyelash enhancement tattooing process, contact Ann-Marie today at 905-467-0767 or email here.


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