Permanent Lip Liner Makeup

It’s noliplinert true that the eyes are where aging begins. It’s actually the lips that give a youthful, or an aging appearance. And it’s the feature on your face that is most used and seen by others.

Aging can cause lips to shrink, loose plumpness and colour, and accumulate those pesky little lines around the edges. No matter how perfect the eyes are, if the lips are thin, undefined or colorless, the entire face will appear drained and less youthful. A permanent makeup lipliner tattoo can also correct irregularities to create the shape you have always wanted.

PermanentĀ lip liner tattoos can help to:

  • correct,and enhance lip shape for better symmetry.
  • give the appearance of plumper, more rounded fullness all around
  • fill fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, which give a shrunken appearance to the mouth, and are notorious for causing lipstick bleeding problems
  • add an outline to the borderĀ  in a natural and add vibrant color as a base for regular lipstick / gloss
  • augment the outer parameter which gives an outline to fill with a permanent lip blush using a micro-pigmentation technique (can be done at a later date)
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