For years my wife had longed for permanent eye makeup but she always said we couldn’t justify the expense. I did my research and found Finesse permanent makeup in Oakville. So, for my wife’s birthday in March I surprised her with a gift card for a process of her choice and I had booked the time and date. It was the best gift I had ever given her as it was a total surprise.
I went with her and a friend (who decided to have a different process). The owner Ann-Marie was amazing at making everyone relax, the results were fantastic! Everyone (including me) was delighted. I highly recommend Finesse for any permanent makeup options.


I’ve never gone in for heavy make-up, and was looking for something pretty understated, but still visible enough to accentuate my features … so I had mixed feelings when none of my friends even commented on my 'newly done permanent eyeliner and eyebrows'. I had decided not to tell anybody about it, just to see if they noticed anything and also to gauge their true reaction. So it was a bit of a surprise when, about a week later when I was driving home from shopping my neighbor shouted out from her driveway, “Hi Elaine, you look like a movie star”….. and then a few weeks later when at a party another friend said, “Wow, Elaine you really look fantastic etc.".
Those kind of comments I was not used to getting. Later on in the evening, I felt the same person’s eyes on me a few times, as if to say: “She’s done something, what has she done”? Even the same week I had the procedure done, my own daughter said: “Oh mom, it’s not over the top at all – it’s very natural looking” … I was so scared that it would be too much.
I’m more than happy with my new permanent makeup. No more itchy eyes from allergies, no more time wasted with removing makeup late at night when I just want to crawl into bed and so much more time saved just being able to run out without that never ending tedious application of all that greasy stuff, day after day.
So a big “Thank you” to you Ann-Marie for your steady hand, patience and fun attitude that made what seemed at first something I admittedly was a bit nervous about turned out to be almost a breeze, done in what seemed like no time at all. I would recommend Ann-Marie to anyone.


Dear Ann-Marie,
You are AMAZING!! Thank you so much for working on your day off and for having us in your home. We are both sooo happy and feel amazing. We both agreed that this is a life changing necessity for us and we have you to thank.
Look forward to seeing you in a month.
Warmest regards,


Ann-Marie has changed my life! I originally came to her to have my brows corrected because of a gap in my one brow after I had some work done by a ‘dermatologist’ – the hair would no longer grow there and they were so light you could not see them.. Also they were not evenly situated on my face. She not only corrected both problems, she did this in a way that made my eyes stand out dramatically and beautifully I was told by numerous friends. This procedure saves me time, money and effort, looks fabulous, and corrected the problems!
I also decided to get my eyeliner done. Benefits are the time saving and the definition of my eye without any makeup on. I love it! Didn’t quit there, I also got my lip liner done AND the inside of the lips because my lips were almost the same colour as my skin. I’m turning 60 next week and this procedure adds colour back to my face. Ann-Marie chose a good colour for me, and now you can see I have lips ‘au natural’ as well, I think this procedure also accentuates your cupid’s bow; I don’t think I had one before!
Ann-Marie did all this in a professional setting, very carefully and precisely. I think she’s a perfectionist with a very warm and bubbly personality. She is associated to many areas of the ‘beauty’ industry and is in a position to give highly regarded recommendations regarding various professionals. I look so different than what I did about six months ago.
I highly recommend Ann-Marie because she must be ‘the best’ in her field!


I am a 64 yr old female client, who had disappearing eyebrows, was finding it more difficult to see to put on my eyeliner and with wrinkles forming around my lips and lipstick that seemed to always need replacing which would then it would bleed into these fine lines around my lips.
Permanent makeup has solved all of these issues. My eyebrows now frame my eyes nicely, my eyeliner is always perfect and never too heavy or smudged and my lips look radiant all day and night, never needing that tube of lipstick in my purse. Ann-Marie is a perfectionist in her work and her surroundings are clean and professional. She herself has an eye for what looks best on you and yet listens to your desires too. I am so happy to have gone this route.
The pain of the procedure was really minimal and not even noteworthy. The results are wonderful. Thank you Ann-Marie. The makeup is natural looking and not too heavy. I just feel that I have subtly enhanced my own beauty, self confidence and taken about 10 years off my age in looks.
It has been a worthy investment.


I was introduced to Ann-Marie through a mutual friend and after talking with her it took me less than 10 minutes to book an appointment for an Eyelash Enhancement and Mucosal Eyeliner. I felt such confidence in Ann-Marie and knew I could trust her completely to create the natural look I wanted.
I can’t begin to express enough how happy I am with Ann-Marie’s skill. She has the steadiest hands and is a perfectionist. She gave my eyes such a natural look. I have had so many comments that I look younger. I went back to Ann-Marie for my Eyebrows and the difference they have made in framing my face is incredible. As these are permanent and delicate procedures, I wanted only the best and I definitely got it in Ann-Marie Furness.


I am more than pleased to recommend Ann-Marie for permanent makeup. Being a nurse practitioner and injector, I know the importance of trust and respect in the health care and cosmetic industry. Ann-Marie has a personal sense of commitment and integrity that is paramount for putting patients at ease but she also has a warm, inviting personality that gives you the confidence that you are in the best hands in the business.
As a patient, I felt safe and cared for before, during and after the procedure. Ann-Marie takes the time and effort for personal, supportive care which is refreshing and greatly appreciated. You deserve the best in cosmetic and personal enhancement care. Ann-Marie provides that and more. It is a decision you won’t regret.


I was looking at several different websites for photos of people who have had permanent makeup done. I found most of them to be quite scary! Most of the examples that I saw looked very overdone to me. Then I spoke to Ann-Marie about having some permanent eyeliner done. I explained to her that I wanted it to look natural. I just wanted to be able to go without makeup sometimes without scaring people! She assured me that she would make it look natural and not over done.
Ann-Marie did a great job on my permanent eyeliner. She is a perfectionist! It looks totally natural. It was painless, quick and over all the entire experience was very positive for me. I had my upper lids done and I am so happy with he results. I now plan to also get my lower lids done.
I highly recommend Ann-Marie!


Ann-Marie is a true professional, she makes you feel comfortable and at ease the moment you walk through the door. She is also a perfectionist and the results show! I have been a client of Ann-Marie’s for a couple of years and have had the following services: permanent eyebrow reshaping, eyeliner, eyelash enhancement and mucosal eyeliner along with lip liner and love all of it. My permanent makeup is very natural, and the colours suite me perfectly. I am a very active person and work out regularly; the permanent makeup has made such a difference and saves me time when getting ready, which is a huge plus. I also have a scar in my eyebrow where the hair does not grow; consequently I had to draw my brow in to fill in the gap, now with the permanent makeup they always look perfect. I receive compliments all the time on how natural and fresh my make-up looks.
Referring potential clients and telling people how great Ann-Marie is easy, because she is! If you are thinking of getting permanent makeup or any type of corrective procedure, I would highly recommend Ann-Marie, you will not be disappointed!


Ann-Marie I am sure you are inundated with so many people grateful for what you’ve skilfully designed for them – so “thanks” seems not enough! But I am also grateful for who you are – the tenderness of your soul, your inner spirit which soars with a wonderful zeal for life. You are very special – a rare gem.
With gratitude and great affection Elise


My eyebrows are very thin and scarce requiring enhancement with an eyebrow pencil daily. After a Christmas vacation in Mexico, where I constantly worried about how my brows looked each time I went swimming, I promised myself to do something about it when I returned home. I started browsing the Internet in search of a good permanent make-up artist. In my search, I stumbled upon Finesse Permanent Make-up Inc. by Ann-Marie Furness. I was so impressed with Ann-Marie’s website and the testimonials that I promptly contacted her and set up a consultation appointment. Well, after meeting with Ann-Marie I knew I’d found the make-up artist I wanted to do the job for me. From the moment she opened her door, I felt a connection.
A huge “thank you” Ann-Marie for the fabulous job you did on my eyebrows and eyeliner. Each time I look in the mirror I can’t help but smile at the difference in my look. The procedure was practically painless, and I loved the way you talked me through the entire process.
My morning routine has been cut in half thanks to my new permanent make-up!!!! I Love it!!!!
A very satisfied client,


It was great seeing you again on Saturday. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the awesome job you have done on my eyebrows, that have been an inferior complex of mine for years. Wanted you to know that I thank God I found you. I wanted to do this for years, but was afraid, and wasn’t sure who I could trust…especially with the face…but please know that the moment I met you, I knew I was in good hands. I felt that you sincerely cared about people and the way they feel. It was your kindness, caring, and confidence in what you do that won me over…trust me when I say…I am a FOREVER fan of yours ! I would refer you in a heart beat !
So, I just felt that you deserve to know how I am feeling about myself, because of you! From the bottom of my heart … thank you for the outstanding job of perfection you did on my eyebrows ! I wish you nothing but continued success, and a world full of happiness !
Thanks again Ann-Marie…and have an awesome day!


Hi Ann-Marie, I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my eyelash enhancement. It is healing well, and you were absolutely right – someone stopped a meeting of 6 people to ask me if I had changed my hair or lipstick, because I looked especially vibrant! I was blushing beet red, but chuckled because it was exactly what you predicted! I have recommended you to many of my friends, who are thinking of having the same procedures done – but are scared like I was. I assured them that they are in the best of hands.
My new eyebrows and eyes are fantastic! I am loving them. Also have to mention I passed you on to a good friend of mine who works for a breast cancer support group. I particularly recommended you for her clients in need of areola restoration, because I think your warm manner and wonderful personality would be fantastic for women who have been through so much!
Warmest Regards,


Hi Ann-Marie, I want to thank you for the lovely expertly done work you did on my eyebrows and eyeliner. There is no question that you possess a talent and skill with your chosen profession. I have recommended you to many friends and will continue to do so. I love the convince and the time-saver permanent make-up gives me. I have had many compliments on my eye make-up because of the natural enhancement you did to my lashes. All this is due to your artistry.
Again, my thanks.


Hi Ann-Marie, You have saved my life! I came to you with the worst permanent make-up eyeliner procedure done by someone else – where the ink was half way down my one eyelid and made me look beyond awful. I was crying and shaking and you called in the Plastic Surgeon in your office to settle me down.
I was mostly impressed that you do not use INK – but Organic Based, MRI Safe Pigments.
I am truly grateful for all the correction work you have done to make me feel pretty again! I do not know what I would have done if you did not help me. I know you are going to fix my lips next – and am looking forward to having that corrected also.
You have a client and now friend for life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Tattoos or permanent make-up are very personal choices. The inking artists are like doctors, some with great bedside manners, others…well, we’ve all heard the stories. I’ve a great many tattoos from a great many artists, and for me the one who possesses the most welcoming bedside manner, the one who makes me the most at ease is Ann-Marie Furness. That said she has given me some of, if not, my best ink. My eyeliner is so well applied I’ve had make-up artists from the television business I work in marvel at it, then, gripe that work this good might soon put them out of business!